Exfoliation is a crucial yet under-rated step in your skincare routine – a secret key to smooth, glowing skin.


Discover the benefits of exfoliating

In this blog post, we’ll explore the transformative benefits of regular exfoliation and highlight the key role that a natural, gentle exfoliator can play in achieving a healthy, vibrant complexion.


The Basics of Exfoliation:

In simple terms, exfoliation is the process of removing the build-up of dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface.  

Every 30 days or so, your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells making way for fresh cells to come to the surface. 

But without exfoliation those old cells can pile up, making your skin seem dull, dry and rough.

How Often and When Should You Exfoliate?

At Orania, we recommend a gentle exfoliation twice a week as part of your skincare routine. 

This balanced approach ensures you shed the old without stripping away your skin’s natural oils, keeping dryness and dullness at bay.

Exfoliation is best done in the evening, as your skin may be more sensitive to UV rays immediately after exfoliating.

How to Exfoliate?

Gentleness is key!

Massage gently onto wet skin, using gentle circular motions for 10 seconds, extending the application to your neck, shoulders and back.  

RInse thoroughly with warm water and follow up with a Face Mist before applying your favourite Moisturiser, Face Oil or Serum.

Ensure you don’t scrub too hard as this can cause irritation and microtears.

Top Benefits of Regular Exfoliation:

Improves Absorption of Moisturisers

Exfoliation does more than just make your skin look good. It’s your secret to combating dehydration. 

Buffing away dead skin cells unveils a fresh layer of skin that is not only smoother, but enhances the skin’s ability to absorb moisturising products, ensuring your skin is nourished from within.

Refines and Brightens

Regular exfoliation will help to remove impurities and clear blocked pores, promoting a more even skin tone and improving texture and brightness. 

Minimises Blemishes and Breakouts

For those with acne-prone or blemished skin, a good exfoliating routine can be a game-changer. It can help the prevention of blemishes and breakouts by keeping pores clear and reducing excess oil.

Keeps Skin Looking Youthful

As we age, the natural process of cell regeneration slows down. 

Regular exfoliation breaks up pigmented cells, removes dry skin build-up and stimulates cell turnover, revealing a healthy glow and softer skin as you mature.

Stimulates Blood Flow

Exfoliation is not just about the outer layer. The motion of exfoliating stimulates blood flow, improving skin elasticity, and enhancing your skin’s natural radiance. 

Prepares Your Skin for Tanning – real or fake!

Exfoliation is the prelude to a flawless tan.

Whether you’re opting for fake tan or sun-kissed rays, removing dead skin cells ensures a smooth, even surface. Follow up with moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and protected.

The Power of Natural Ingredients

Orania’s Gentle Refining Exfoliator and Exfoliating Face Wash are packed with powerful, natural ingredients that your skin will love. 

Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay: 

These super-charged powders work in tandem to remove toxins, lift impurities, and eliminate dead skin cells, improving overall skin texture.

Willow Bark: 

A natural source of salicylic acid, Willow Bark calms the skin and aids in preventing acne, offering a gentle, yet effective treatment for blemishes and oily skin.


Contains the enzyme Papain for gentle and effective exfoliation, contributing to skin repair.


(from our very own Totara Tree) is a powerful antibacterial and antioxidant agent that helps prevent acne.


A powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oil that helps control spots and blemishes.

Witch Hazel: 

A natural astringent with cooling and soothing properties that will tone and balance your skin.

Join Us on the Journey to Radiant Skin

In conclusion, incorporating a natural, gentle exfoliator into your skincare routine is a key step towards achieving healthy, radiant skin.

Try our Gentle Refining Exfoliator – which can be used 2-3 times per week 


 Exfoliating Face Wash – that can be used everyday and is safe for all skin types.

Your skin will thank you!