SLUMBER – Calming, Effective Sleep Aid


Calming, effective sleep aid

A natural, relaxing and de-stressing  remedy to help settle the mind and body for a restful sleep.

Soothes nervous tension; Promotes restful sleep; Calming scent; Balancing.

*use the pre diluted roll-on any time of the day to relieve stress.

Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram
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Essential oils, each chosen for their specific benefits are synergised together to create our own custom, ready-made blends that offer protective, healing and aroma-therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils that make up ‘slumber’ blend:

Chamomile Roman:  Sedative; Promotes restful sleep 

Lavender:  Stress reducing, calms central nervous system 

Orange:   Antidepressant; Calms nervous tension; Soothes worries 

Patchouli:   Relaxes; Creates a tranquil atmosphere; Calms emotions

 Ylang Ylang:  Calms nerves 

Frankincense:  Soothing, balancing;

Marjoram:   Induces sleep


Massage: 4 drops per 15ml (1Tbsp) diluted in a carrier oil

Diffuser:  Add a few drops to burner or vaporiser

Inhalation:  A few drops to lava beads, tissue or pillowcase

Bath:  Dilute a few drops in liquid soap and add to bath just before getting in


External Use only.  Do not use undiluted on skin

Patch test to check for reaction.

Young children, pregnant women and those suffering from epilepsy and high blood pressure – Consult medical professional before use.

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10ml Essential Blend, 10ml Scented Roll-on


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