BUZZ OFF – Insect Repellent


Bug repellent

Keep bugs away this summer with this essential blend that combines nature’s most powerful bug-repelling oils.

Great fresh scent; Repels mozzies and sandflies; No harmful chemicals; Safe to use for children; Witch Hazel to soothe bites and stings.

*also available in a pre-mixed Spray with Witch Hazel, and a handy concentrate to keep your bottle topped up – makes 3-4 100ml bottles

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Essential oils, each chosen for their specific benefits are synergised together to create our own custom, ready-made blends that offer protective, healing and aroma-therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils that make up ‘buzz off’ blend:

Lemon Eucalyptus: repels insects, heals bug bites and stings

Peppermint:  natural bug repellent, relieves itching

Citronella:  repels mosquitoes

Rosemary: treats bites

Basil: repels mosquitoes, prevents bites

Directions for Essential Blend:

Roll-on: (pre-diluted) Apply as needed.

Topical: 4 drops per 15ml (1Tbsp) diluted in a carrier oil

Diffuser:  Add a few drops to burner or vaporiser

Spray:  Add few drops to water or witch hazel in spray bottle, shake well and apply to exposed areas regularly.

Directions for Pre Mixed Spray:

Spray onto exposed skin.  Re-apply as needed.  Do not spray onto face.

Directions for Concentrate:

Shake bottle well.  Add 25-30ml to empty 100ml bottle, Top with filtered water and shake to mix.


Do not use undiluted on skin.  External Use only

Patch test to check for reaction.

Young children, pregnant women and those suffering from epilepsy and high blood pressure – Consult medical professional before use.

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10ml Essential Blend, 10ml Scented Roll-on, 100ml Pre Mixed Spray, 50ml Spray Concentrate


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