OZONE – Room Deodoriser


Room deodoriser

This natural air freshener blend will help to remove unwanted odours and purify the air.

Freshens spaces; Eliminates tobacco and cooking smells; Uplifting scent; Brightening; Purifies and cleanses the air.

Lemongrass, Bergamot, May Chang, Lemon, Clary Sage, Spruce
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Essential oils, each chosen for their specific benefits are synergised together to create our own custom, ready-made blends that offer protective, healing and aroma-therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils that make up ‘ozone’ blend:

Lemongrass:  Natural deodoriser; eliminates tobacco and cooking smells

Bergamot:  Uplifting 

May Chang Fresh, delightful scent; deodorising; calms anxiety.

Clary Sage:  Reduces cooking odours  

Lemon:  Purifies the air  

Spruce:  Refreshing; Purifies and cleanses air


Diffuser:  Add a few drops to burner or vaporiser

Spray:  Add a few drops to spray bottle for room mist

Filters:  Add to vacuum filter pad or room vent

Car deodoriser:  Sprinkle a few drops on the carpet in your car


External Use only.  Do not use undiluted on skin

Young children, pregnant women and those suffering from epilepsy and high blood pressure – Consult medical professional before use.


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